Compassion for Humanity -transfomational healing! 9-5-13




Day 2 Compassion for Humanity & World

Yesterday I began as anyone would, getting ready for my day and making breakfast for kids, getting them off to school. I didn’t realize I was about to receive a healing and one in which I didn’t even want to admit that I needed.

Its funny how we as healers and meditation practitioners work on ourselves but as we are human, never seem to get to the bottom of all that is.

My First day of Compassion was simply an urge to join with spirit and be calm. To attain a calm mind, free of fret and worry, to be cleansed of anxiety. So, I sat in a listening meditation. As I listened to the silent room, many thoughts coursed through my mind and left just as easily.
When I finished I rose to clean some Romaine Lettuce Leaves and prep them for lunch later.
I stood over the sink, washing each curly leaf, watching the water as it poured over the white stem like a bamboo fountain.

At first I didn’t want to wash and dry all the romaine and I started hurrying through it when I realized that this too could be a meditation.  Mindfulness practice is meant to capture each moment exactly as it is, in appreciation and acceptance. What did I think I was in such a hurry to go do? I slowed down, breathed the experience in, the task at hand became me and I it. Each green leaf had it’s own personality, energy, vibration and song. I lavished tender attention on them, drying them carefully without rubbing and placed them in a container. My spirit spoke with theirs and I knew that the refrigerator was not the best place for them. I allowed them to breathe on the counter while I silently went outside.

My next offering was in the garden. Our healing/manifestation garden has turned into a vegetable garden as well, which is beginning to yield some harvest. Each one of my children helped plant one or more of the vegetable seeds. Surrounding the outer edge of the garden are huge Mums in crimson, white, and gold. As I stepped around the garden I was reminded of the robes of the Tibetan Monks, the dark red mixed with the smaller mums in a gold peaking from behind. The white Mums are not completely blooming yet. I enjoyed the slight breeze and began watering. The sun spoke of the strength I receive from the Buddha and the life I am given.  Our yellow bell pepper plant has a huge pepper growing from it, as well as the red pepper plant. I watched the water saturate the ground, and then I lightly sprayed the pumpkin, acorn squash and herbs.

The rosemary which sits in the corner closest to our front door is turning into a bush.


I felt somehow complete and even calmer than before I began my watering. Once inside I arranged a beautiful splay of romaine leaves, and mixed up a balsamic vinaigrette, applying a thin drizzle along with kosher salt and pepper finishing with one baby carrot and 4 crackers.

As I ate slowly at first many thoughts continued to come before me that seemed relevant but which meant I wasn’t enjoying the moment of eating my salad. Have you noticed what all you think about when you eat? I had purposefully made sure the tv wasn’t on and only had soft instrumental healing music playing in the background. Never the less, I was rushing through this time as well.
I purposefully slowed down my pace and contentiously thought of where the romaine was grown, visualized it in growing from the earth, as well as the carrot. I began thanking the Universe, Mother Earth for this sustenance and chewing each bite with thoughtfulness. Just begin in this moment with my food became a moment of timelessness and gratitude.

By listening to my inner guidance I found myself prepared to write about my day for you all, but instead happened upon Toglen Meditation.  Toglen Meditation is a Tibetan form of Buddhism, which is taking/giving compassion. I am not sure how looking for more information on buddhist listening meditations led me to this, but I do know “who” led me to this.  I followed along with Lama Tulka Tsori Rinpoche as he instructed. You can find this video and follow along on my youtube playlist, Awakening Compassion.

What follows is nothing less than miraculous and only I know this for sure. Later I had a conversation, the people involved or situations are not important, what is important is the pain and suffering I was carrying around. Little did I realize how much of this suffering was being stuffed down, back and hidden away.  Like many of you, I would have said, “I am great!” and meant it. But, there are those small hurts, that pain from a childhood memory and other things that we think we’ve grown out of.
Every trigger that just a day before would have sent me reeling inward, with a chest heaving, no one to know but me, began streaming across the telephone line.
I listened, responded happily with nothing but happiness and freedom in my heart.  All the triggers have been removed, literally.

Later in the evening as I took a bath and I exclaimed to my hubby the awakening I’d received a voice spoke to me, “I AM Buddha, You have known me before and you will know me again” and he finished by calling me a private name in Tibetan language. I still am not sure if I can divulge this.
I am clear now, my eyes brighter than ever before, as I can see miles before me, miles of goodness overflowing!

I long for you all to experience this freedom. Freedom from the past being dredged through your subconscious and motivating your actions. The lightness of spirit that energies your being. The happiness that flows like effervescent streams of love. The longing for others to be healed and complete.

Remember, it must start with you!

loving you, Jeannie Irwin

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